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Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

ADAS are vehicle-based intelligent safety systems with the purpose to improve road safety in terms of crash avoidance, crash severity mitigation and protection.
DAS 3000 back
DAS 3000 S20 back
DAS 3000 S20 target horizontal
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  • DAS 3000 back
  • DAS 3000 S20 back
  • DAS 3000 S20 target horizontal
  • DAS 3000 S20 without target

In this perspective ADAS is integrated in the vehicle systems which contribute to  more  than  one  of  the potential crash-phases as, for example, advanced braking  systems that have, together with other applications in ADAS scope, the potential to prevent the crash or mitigate its severity. Sensors onboard of the vehicle detect the presence of an obstacle of the road, that might be  pedestrian, or another car,…and based on the current speed of the vehicle predict the need for an emergency brake and support, or sometimes, replace the action from the driver to promptly brake the vehicle and avoid the crash.

All the ADAS systems in a vehicle are very sensitive as crucial and critical vehicle reactions belong to them, so their proper functionality and calibration is fundamental for ensuring these sensor, and consequently the functions belonging to them, work properly. Bosch, always looking to users safety, together with being in the lead as sensors manufacturer is also a strong market player in providing the necessary equipment for these sensors calibration

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